Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I have been meaning to continue my series of posts on my trip to Turkey– the first two of which can be seen here and here— but in the meantime I thought I’d use a photo from my trip for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond.

Istanbul Mosques

The focal point of this picture, and what I was trying to capture, was the line of mosques– which I believe is the Yeni (New) Mosque in the front, and beyond that the Sulemaniye Mosque, with minarets of other various mosques in between. But looking beyond this, you realize the dichotomy that defines Istanbul: an ancient city in modern times. Amid these ancient buildings you find modern cars, buses, a train, fast food, electric street lamps, modern clothing, and even a Coca-Cola truck! And as a side note, you also find the two street signs near the center of the screen, reminding us that beyond Istanbul, there is more to discover!

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Sharing my experiences as a new Muslimah, thoughts on religion, things that inspire me, foods I love to make and eat, Islamic fashion, travel, and life in general!
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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. Nurul Fitri Lubis says:

    I went to Istanbul three times. Anytime I went there, there is always something new could be discovered. I’m really in Love with this city. With its beautiful architecture, with its kind people, with its unique atmosphere. There are no more words to describe but AWESOME. In my first visit to Turkey, I traveled to other regions, Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus. Every place has its own characters.
    Anyway, I don’t know how to describe. But, there is something there that always call me to come back.
    I wrote and share my experiences in Turkey here : http://nurulfitrilubis.wordpress.com/category/turkey/

    You’re always most welcome to visit.


  2. Maxim Sense says:

    Assalamu alayka. I love the dichotomy in this photo.

  3. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing it. Makes me long for Istanbul, again! I’m really enjoying your blog, by the way. Lots of interesting things to think about!

    (Just in case it matters, the mosque in the foreground is actually the New Mosque in Eminönü and the one behind is the Sulemaniye Mosque, I think.)

    • Yes, I believe you’re right! I was thinking Blue Mosque since that’s where our hotel was near the first night, and I remember Hagia Sophia being close to there, but this shot was taken the next day as we were just getting on the ferry ready to cross the Bosphorous. So looking at the map, it seems that would be New Mosque and Sulemaniye– thanks for the correction!

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