Book Review: Bridge to Light

I love to read. Among other things, reading is a great way to open your mind to new ideas and thoughts. As a Muslim, I find it is important to read so that I may better myself, expand my knowledge, and meditate on thoughts of faith, religion, God, etc.

With this in mind, I’ve begun reading more. I used to read a ton when I was younger, but the everyday rush of life tends to get in the way now. My husband and I have both begun setting aside time each night to devote to reading.

From time to time I will share reviews of books that I have finished. I hope others will find it helpful if they are looking for such books to read. The first one I’ll share is Bridge to Light: Spiritual Wayfaring Towards Islam by Kathleen St. Onge.

Bridge to Light Cover

About the author: Kathleen is a Canadian who converted to Islam. She is a professor and academic who has written for Islamic magazines.

Summary: This book is a compilation of articles the author wrote between 2002 and 2004. She covers many different topics, which are arranged into 9 chapters. The author often takes a scientific approach to Islamic matters, showing the wisdom behind the words of the Quran. In general, she discusses the failings of modern society and the ‘cures’ found in Islamic teachings.

The Pros: I really enjoyed reading this book, as it was well-researched and gave a lot of information that I was not aware of. Some of my favorite chapters discussed the health risks of pork and alcohol; the dangers lurking inside modern-day food (such as poisonous molds); similarities between Jews, Christians, and Muslims; how the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls benefits Islam; miraculous signs of God seen in nature (like the Mosquito!); a discussion of and argument against evolution; and familial relations such as that between parents/ children, husbands/ wives, and the treatment of elders.

The Cons: This book can be very difficult to understand at times because it can be so scientific. In certain chapters I got a little lost in the scientific lingo– so be prepared to use a dictionary! Also, make sure you use your own critical thinking skills while reading. She puts forth some interesting ideas at times, though they may not necessarily be true. I would look on such ideas as a unique point of view, but worthy of more personal research before deciding what you think about them.

Despite the cons, I found this book well worth the read, and very interesting! It has even inspired a few writing ideas of my own, and I have already used it for my previous post Marriage Advice for Modern Society.

Has anyone else read this book or articles by Kathleen St. Onge? What did you think?


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5 Responses to Book Review: Bridge to Light

  1. I like to read you aswell Meditations of a Muslimah, thank you for share, it is very nice what you wrote already.
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  2. Ali says:

    Thank you for the review. I agree with you. Though I did not get past Chapter six. I did find the science part complex.

  3. Thanks for sharing.. It is a very useful summary..

  4. aliyah8hassani says:

    As someone whose first language is not English I found this a hard book to really appreciate. I am afraid I failed to finish it and returned it to the sister who lent it to me.

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