Fun Fashion Finds

So I thought it was about time I did a post about hijabi fashion, since that was one of the things I originally wanted to touch on for this blog. I realize that some of my readers may not be interested in this– so this one’s for my hijabi sisters (and anyone else who’s curious)!

As I have been trying to dress more and more modestly over the last several years, I have often been frustrated at the lack of modest clothing options in mainstream fashion. Clothes shopping used to be a lot of fun for me, but at times now it seems more like a chore– and I rarely find clothes that I both like and that are modest.

I recently went shopping at a local outlet mall and was excited to find a lot of modest choices– at least, more modesty than usual. I actually had a selection this time! And a fashionable selection. (And it wasn’t in the old ladies department!)

It seems that spring fashions are bringing out a lot of cute tunics/ dresses. In some cases, I’m pretty sure they’re meant to be worn as dresses, but I can easily wear them as tunics. Most need a long sleeve shirt or faux sleeves underneath, but otherwise, with some loose pants and a scarf, I’d be ready to go!

I was going to show pics of the actual items I got, but could only find one since the outlets don’t generally sell online. But here is one and another similar one I found:

fashion - old navy polkadot chiffon editedThis was at Old Navy, and was the actual shirt I bought. I didn’t even try it on– it’s so cute and fits loosely, and falls to about the knees. It will look perfect with a pair of white pants I have; then with a white long-sleeve shirt underneath, and a white scarf, voila!

There were tons of cute dresses there. See it online at Old Navy.

fashion- gap shirt dress blue edited

This next one I didn’t actually get, but looks very similar to a Calvin Klein dress I found at Burlington Coat Factory. This particular dress is from Gap. I actually found most of my new clothes from Gap, which had a great selection of these tunic/ dresses. See the dresses Gap has online. Quick note– I always go to the outlets and never spend full price on the brands I like such as Gap; just way too expensive!

I hope I’ll continue to find modest wear in the future. I plan to stock up now, since as it gets closer to summer, the ‘modest’ selection gets very small!


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5 Responses to Fun Fashion Finds

  1. Check Out

  2. I always want to know how Muslim life outside my country. So thank you for sharing 🙂 I lived in a country with majority muslim so l never thought it’s going to be a little bit trick to shop. Tunic and dress never fail but I like to wear abaya too. I haven’t wear hijab now but I will.

  3. Shukran SO much for doing this post! Hijabi’s have a tough time finding modest clothes and I agree, geez, it’s a chore. More often than not I end up coming home with nothing 😦 I’ll be starting to do hijab styling posts soon inshaa-Allah. I do hope you will come and check it out 🙂 Jzk kheyr for this post and I look forward to seeing more. If you want, there’s a blog at She’s a Capetonian hijabi who does hijabi fashion look posts and inspiration. Do check it out if you have a chance inshaa-Allah 🙂 She also links to other hijabi fashion blogs 🙂

  4. strawberryquicksand says:

    I work in a transit centre where we have a large number of very multicultural people as customers. I love seeing the muslim girls and their fashion. There are so many gorgeous hijabs, and they area always so fashionably dressed! They are just beautiful! Good luck with finding some more lovely fashion to wear now that you are covering. xo

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