How God Answers Prayers


I remember when I was a Christian that there was the idea that God always answers prayers, even if the answer isn’t something we always want to hear; or maybe that the answer was “no” which would look to us like it was unanswered. I even remember an old country song about it . . . (oh yes, I looked it up and it’s Garth Brooks’ song “Unanswered Prayers”).

Some people give ‘unanswered prayers’ as a reason for why they don’t believe in God or why they don’t pray. That’s really sad to me; because really, God probably didn’t give them what they wanted because it wasn’t something good for them, or because God has another plan in mind for them.

Islam also shares in the belief that God always answers prayers. And I have found that there are actually some really good explanations offered for why we sometimes don’t get what we ask for. One such explanation was read yesterday in our sobhet group, coming from Said Nursi’s The Words:

“To answer is one thing, to accept is something quite different. Every supplication is answered, but its being accepted and exactly what was sought being given is dependent on Almighty God’s wisdom. For example, if a sick child calls the doctor, saying: “Doctor! Doctor!”, and he replies: “Here I am, what do you want?”, and the child says: “Give me that medicine!”, the doctor will either give him exactly what he asks for or something better and more beneficial for him. Or knowing that medicine is harmful for his illness, he will give him nothing.” (p. 325)

God, in his infinite wisdom, knows what we need better than we know what we need. He knows the outcome of events when we do not. I try to think of this whenever some annoying or ‘unfortunate’ event happens in my life. For example, I’m driving and miss my turn and have to go back around– maybe I would have been in a car accident if I had made my turn; I didn’t get the job I wanted– maybe there’s a better job out there; I’m not able to participate in an event I wanted to go to– maybe God has other plans for me at that time. When I think of things in this way, it keeps me calm and keeps me from getting angry or frustrated.

Things happen in this life that we don’t understand. But God sees the big picture and has everything under His control. So the next time you don’t get what you wanted, or something unfortunate happens to you, remember that there is a purpose behind everything– and even if you do not understand why, know that there is a reason.

Have you had times in your life when you God didn’t grant what you prayed for, and you understood later why this was for the best?

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9 Responses to How God Answers Prayers

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    Yes, I think you are correct. I have had times in my life when the answer to my prayer has been something other than what I would have liked it to be, but it turned out to be the right answer. God really did know best all along. I’ve learned to trust God, even when I was a Christian, to do what is best for me, even if it isn’t what I ask for. It isn’t easy, however. Sometimes it is difficult to trust when you want something so badly and it doesn’t happen the way you want it to. But God really does know best, I keep telling myself. That helps, along with my previous experience.

  2. farmdance says:

    I’m in complete agreement with you on this. I have lived many moments, days that were not easy but I have always stayed calm because I have faith. I am amazed at the people who profess a strong belief in God and when things don’t go as ‘they’ planned , whether be it, choosing to take a new route home from work and getting stuck in unexpected traffic or by experiencing something much more life changing they become unglued. Stay calm, all will work out as is intended.
    Thanks for the insightful post. I always enjoy reading your words.

  3. love this.I’m thinking the same too sis, may Allah ease our journey 🙂

  4. Maxim Sense says:

    This would be a very chaotic world if God grants all our prayers the way we wanted them to be as it would be impossible for everyone of us to detach our personal interests in all that we want to have and to be. There should only be the controlling wisdom of God to balance everything for the benefit of mankind.

  5. This is a beautiful posting 🙂 thanks for share sis. May Allah SWT always with you.

    • hichamislam says:

      Not necessarily have to see or hear a miracle even believe in God. Faith and duty ‘and a sense of internal self-existence relaxes. Then happiness achieved. Bdulk prayer directed to God.

  6. hichamislam says:

    ليس بالضرورة ان نرى او نسمع معجزة حتى نؤمن بالرب.الايمان به واجب’والاحساس الداخلي بوجوده يريح النفس .عندها السعادة تتحقق.بدالك الدعاء الموجه لله

  7. mrnno92 says:

    this is true…having faith is something completely related with accepting the results of Allah wisdom
    …and actually the one who accept the results with no complying of Allah mighty is the truly believer…keeping the faith and believe that Allah will choose the best for you is apart of “with no complying”…May Allah bless you

  8. lonlon558 says:

    I recently had a job interview. I prayed before the interview for Allah to please make it good for me if this job is going to be good for me, and to please make it not turn out if this job was going to be bad for me and my family. When I got to the interview, I practically stumbled over every question and wasn’t as prepared as I was when I was practicing for the questions for weeks ahead of time. I really think it was Allah’s influence. I would have been working twice as hard with not enough pay and been pulled away from my family for sure so I am glad I didn’t get the job.

    Alot of times I only pray for the big things, when big events come into my life like a job interview or a death in the family or something like that. But it’s good to pray for the small things, too. I heard that it pleases Allah for us to pray to him for all kinds of things, big or small. We should always ask Allah for help.

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