Halal Chicken Stock

Hello Everyone! Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been super busy plus not feeling well lately. But I had a great find yesterday that I just had to share. . . .

So I am always on the lookout for halal foods, especially ones with the ‘halal certified’ seal– makes it a lot easier to understand if its okay to eat or not! Yesterday I was at Sprouts, where I have found quite a few halal items, and I stumbled upon . . . halal chicken stock!Saffron Road Chicken Broth

Okay, so some of you may not be as excited as me, but I was super excited about this since I have been looking everywhere for some kind of halal chicken or beef stock or broth. Even the local ‘halal’ grocery store didn’t have any that I could find, just vegetable stock. So I’ve been using vegetable stock for all of my recipes calling for chicken stock.

And then yesterday, I was in the soup aisle at Sprouts, actually looking for Amy’s Kitchen soups (most of which are also halal by the way, marked with the Kosher symbol), and there it was: Saffron Road Halal Chicken Stock!

saffron road chicken tikka masala

This is one of the meals we’ve tried and enjoyed!

Saffron Road has some frozen halal meals that we get occassionally, but I didn’t know what other products they made, so this was a pleasant surprise. So that got me curious as to what else they sell. I did a search online and was able to find their website here. They happen to have a variety of interesting foods, as well as a store locater to see where you can buy their products. They also have an online store, but they only sell in bulk from that.

Anyway, I’ve been happy so far with the frozen meals which taste pretty good, though they are a bit pricy at Sprouts, at least. Can’t wait to try more of their products though!

Have you ever tried Saffron Road? What was your experience?

Do you know of any other brands selling Halal Certified food in the U.S.?


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