Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Lake Powell

The first picture I thought of when I heard of this week’s photo challenge was this picture, which I took during a trip to Lake Powell several years ago. The scenery in that trip was very majestic, and I was constantly filled with awe at the natural beauty around me.

That trip to Lake Powell was a very spiritual one for me. It was the last trip I ever took with my church youth group from high school; my last significant spiritual experience as a Christian. It was the summer after my senior year of high school, and I would be off to college in just a few short weeks. That week in Lake Powell was a time to enjoy life and reflect on the wonders around us.

There was one night in particular that I will never forget. I believe it was one of the last nights of the trip. There was a huge thunderstorm; probably the largest I’ve ever seen. We experienced it from the house boat we were staying on. The thunder was so tremendously loud. We all sat together, listening to the thunder, watching the flashes of light, meditating on God’s awesome power. I remember feeling so full of awe at God’s grandness; overcome with love for my creator who had given us such a beautiful world for us to enjoy.

When I see this picture again, it reminds me of that night, and it fills me with peace. It is always a reminder of the natural beauty in this grand world of ours, and makes me feel gratitude toward the God who gave it to us.

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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

  1. I have mixed feelings about Lake Powell, where we spent a week on a houseboat many, many years ago. It is a place of beauty and enjoyment but when the dam was built and the lake filled, much beauty was destroyed. 🙂


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