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My Journey to Islam Part 2: Exploring My Beliefs

  As a Christian in high school, I felt that I was pretty set in my beliefs—that nothing would ever change my opinions on God and religion. Even though I didn’t agree with all Christians or all Christian leaders, I … Continue reading

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My Journey to Islam Part 1: In the Beginning

In case you are unaware, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan recently ended. It is a month of spiritual focus, primarily including fasting from dawn to dusk every day. I mention this because it was four years in Ramadan that … Continue reading

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Film Review: Love is a Verb

I recently had the opportunity to go to the USA Film Festival here in Dallas to watch Love is a Verb. This film is a documentary about Turkish Muslims belonging to the group known as Hizmet, or sometimes called “The … Continue reading

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My Conversion Story Coming Soon . . .

So I know I’ve been promising for a while to share with my readers about my conversion, as well as why I chose to wear hijab. Inshallah, I will share those very soon. I am working on writing my conversion … Continue reading

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Creationism vs. Evolution: Where Does Islam Stand?

A few weeks ago the long-fought argument over creationism versus evolution was once again propelled into the spotlight with the live debate between Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Ken Ham, the Christian founder of the Creation Museum. I have … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz Discusses His Turkish and Islamic Heritage

First of all, thanks to Pearls of Islam as I first saw this video on that blog! I found this video very interesting, not only as a Muslim, but also since my husband is Turkish. Many people are not aware … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

The first picture I thought of when I heard of this week’s photo challenge was this picture, which I took during a trip to Lake Powell several years ago. The scenery in that trip was very majestic, and I was constantly … Continue reading

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Noah’s Pudding

This past weekend, our local Turkish Center held their annual Noah’s Pudding Festival. The festival commemorates the Islamic holy day of Ashura, which was on November 14 this year. For many Muslims, the day of Ashura is commemorated as a … Continue reading

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A Return to Blogging

Dear Readers, My apologies for another long absence from my blog. What started with our trip to Turkey turned into a lot of different things back to back that have made it very difficult for me to get back into … Continue reading

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Diving Into Islamic Swimwear

Since I have begun wearing hijab, I have not yet really felt the necessity to go swimming, and therefore have not needed to look into getting a full-coverage swimsuit. But, being that we have just decided to go to Turkey … Continue reading

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